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Posted: Thu Mar 13, 2003 8:26 pm Post subject: *** RK info back online!!!! ***


I wont say the address to protect peoples privacy, but everyone's info is back online with the following message:

After reviewing several posts we are ready to make our final statement.

First we are not part of any conversation board nor are we affiliated with any other company. As we would like to see them all closed down.

Derek owner of is not telling his customers the truth. We have hard core proof of this.

1) He claims to have shredded all of your info and never put it on the curb for pickup. ( See His Statement Here.) This is false as that is where we obtained it.

2) He claims to have always shredded your documents since the beginning but we have looked through ten boxes of orders and have found the oldest one to be Wed. Oct. 30 2002. Then they go all the way up to Feb. 2003

3) He reasures you that the DEA will not show up at your house?? When they see that you ordered 10 kits at a time they will look into distribution and believe me they will. Along with posts that say you've been making and using this product on many steroid boards and Im sure they can pull the files from the fina suppliers. So if you want all this to go away here is what needs to be done.

Voice your opinon to

Let him know you want his site closed for good.


We will post the tracking number of the overnight packages that will be sent

on March 17th 2003 if this does not happen.
What the fuck is this! got it off of conversionboards
Notice no company name, no real info just threats, catch these fuckin basterds :bsflag: :chainsaw: :destroy: :fawk2: :flame: fuckin pussys
No real company would post track #'s like that. Thats bullshit. There is no solid evidence either that they got records from Oct 2002. Any jack ass can say that, they need solid proof.
These fucks are obviously illegitimate as hell. I wish they'd crawl back under that rock from whence they emerged...
There was no fraud EVER committed?
there is no way to reach the site to get ahold of whom posted this it is all fake in a desperate attempt to sabotage a good man.
Them assholes need a beat-down.
This is weak. The DEA coming to your house for aroma therapy kits is like the cops coming to your house because the steak knives in your drawer COULD be used for murder. As far as the pellets go the site says NO PRESCRIPTION NECESSARY. GIVE ME A F****NG break.

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