Birth Control and Muscle Building

Hello everybody :) Hope everybody's well...

I get sick ALOT! The doctor blamed my heavy period. I bleed 7days and she says this is too much and causing my fatigue (I have re-occuring fatigue) and my low immune system! I know that I have a high level of test in my body and I know it has risen over the past 2 years (I have very oily skin now and premature air growth) naturally. Ive worked very hard to get where I am today and the doctor said that when i drop my carbs my body crashes and Ill have to go on birth control to shorten my period. She said this will also help with the acne.

I was on my first Anavar (var) cycle about 2months ago and saw great results (Though skin got worse and hair growth), now im afraid that the birth control is going to mess with my training! She said there is a diuretic and that the only place Ill pick up weight will be in my breasts, but its filled with estrogen!!!:nono: This is supposed to reduce muscle mass.

Would going on another cycle in future while on BC be a good idea?

The name of the BC ive been prescribed in yasmin.... Please ladies if any of you have had experience with this please let me know what your opinions are. Also any advice will be much appreciated!:(

Mrs P

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I've read a few studies that claim that hormonal changes that occur as a result of taking the pill are responsible for limiting muscle building ability & that women taking oral contraception had dramatically lower blood levels of anabolic hormones.

I was on the pill for a few years before I had my first child, honestly I never experienced much while on it, no weight gain, water retention, etc.
If u are really concerned about the sides u could always opt for an IUD.


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well i know im a guy lol, but i hear that heavy period's and loss of blood can result in low iron in women.....something that can cause serious fatigue. Have you had a blood test for iron levels?
Its great to know you didnt experience much while on it Mrs.P! Which bc were you on? I cannot take an IUD because the reason for my taking bc, is to shorten my period not for contraceptive purposes... Im just so in the dark about all of this? Will this reduce the muscle mass ive already worked so hard to gain? Or will it just lower my chances of gaining muscle in future?

Slair you are spot on! The heavy period has caused the iron deficiency so the doc is trying to shorten period. Maybe I should just supplement with iron? Do you think that would be better? The thought of pumping myself with estrogen really grosses me out LOL