Bleeding/Brusing With SLIN?


Mini B
There is a vast amount of expertise on the usage and nutritional supplementation in regards to Anabolicus Maximus. However, I have seen quite a few posts on other boards regarding bleeding out/bruising after SLIN injects. I had the same problem and wanted to see what was up. The amount of SLIN is very minute and caused concern in myself wondering if I was injecting it only to lose it after removing the needle. One important aspect of SLIN delivery is not mentioned. They tell you how to inject but not how to remove the inject. Sounds stupid but give me a second to explain. I journeyed over to the diabetic/nursing websites to see why I was bleeding out/bruising. According to these sites, after you pinch an inch, and after you dart the slin needle into your area of choice, do not continue to squeeze the area. Release the pressure BUT CONTINUE TO SUPPORT the area. Then inject. Then allow the pin to sit for 10 seconds prior to removing it to ensure absorbtion. When you remove the pin, don't rub the area. Hold the alcohol swab over the hole for approx a minute. You will have a bruise-free site injection and no bleeding out of the SLIN. PLEASE BE CAREFUL. SLIN should not even be contemplated until you have been training atleast 10 years but that is just my opinion.
why would you say you should lift for ten years before trying slin? this makes no sence to me at all. Ive been using slin off and on since i was 17. im now 2 months away from 21. never touched juice yet, although i will soon. I have never once got a bruise, from either subq or im shots nor is bleeding ever a prob.
I dotn think you should wait 10 years either. Actually, the older you are, i would think the more likely potential problems could arise. Im not saying start when your 16, but, i think anyone who is smart enough can run it. CAN, not should, Slin is not for everyone.