Can I reuse a pin?


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These pics were taken from a post over at competitivemuscle. They speak for themselves!
I just re-used a pin last night and it fuckin hurt. I ran out of pins that's why I did it.

I just cleaned it with some rubbing alcohol and poked myself, god damn it fuckin hurt too!!:eek:
I dont even push with the same pin that I pull from the vial with, but I did during my first cycle a few times.
i got in a hurry the other day and forgot to change after i withdrew from the vial and stuck myself with it... it damn near bounced off of my quad.... severly dull...i hope i never do that again...
Pins are so cheap. I always draw with a 16 or 18, change and use my 25's... ONCE!
Don't play with fire and you're less likely to get burned... like that dude in the picture.
We plan ahead with our gear ("don't start a cycle until you've got everything you need"). The same goes for pins and syringes. They're too cheap and accessable to take a chance.
I guess this will change my mind i have always used the same needle for atleast ten days, no more after that picture, although i am only on hgh, i am still going to order allot so i can switch all the time,

OR, is the insulin needle ok to reuse??????????
Pins are cheap. Each one costs about .20 cents, so be smart and get new ones. Lets see .20 cents for needle and about 9 dollars for sus amp hhmmmm, get the new needles so your gear works the best and no internal bleeding!!!
i will never reuse again... i had to once because i ran outta needles...hell ill miss aday just so i dont do that again!!!!
always re-use pins! what i don't understand is why you would even think about re-using it. I mean they are sooo cheap.. and we're talking pennies, LITERALLY!
Not to mention something that is gonna go into your body.

If you've forked over the cash to spend on a cycle, what's another $20?? and that's at the utmost maximum too.

just my 2 cents.