can u tell if your kidney and liver is aching, and where are they located

In some cases YES! BUT.....NOT always!

If you are concerned for some reason........go see a DOC asap!'ll find that problems in these areas (sometimes) "radiate" pain to another area of the body making it obscure for the patient to "isolate" his/her problem!

WHY exactly/specifically are you concerned???
my back has been hurting, it started in my middle outer left part of my
back, then spread to my hole back
If you are taking dbol I can almost guarantee you that you don't have a problem. It's just the insane pumps.

Buuuuut, since you gave us zero information to base anything on...
I asked my doc because im a fucking worrying bastard.

Kidneys are under you ribs on your mid back. You would feel burning, you would have no appetite and you would be sick. He said you would know if something is wrong, it wouldnt just be a little pain.

Liver, not sure exactly.
Hey duey........Seriously bro, you should learn to chill, this is like your 8th post on your liver and kidneys. If you are really this worried, for God's sake, drop the D-bol. I personally don't think you have anything to worry about, if I remember correctly, you're on a fairly light or moderate cycle, EQ & test ?, neither one is going to give you liver or kidney problems.

The other thing is what Tx eluded to, the more info you can give us about yourself and what you're on....well that just makes it way easier to help you and answer your questions.
duey you one of those head case bros? Seriously how much dbol you on. It takes a whole hell of alot to make shit hurt. Most likely your feeling back pump. You should be able to determine back pump from internal pains. You will know if your liver is talkin to you. It will be a bad crampin feelin in the right front of your abdomen. Feels like a running cramp. Hurts to walk. I seriously doubt its anything other than back pump.
Hey duey bro, you said the pain was in your whole back, if thats the case you have nothing to worry about bro (at least not with your liver or kids). If it was the liver it would be where deez said right in the front (abdomen) and if it was your kids it would be right above your hips and below your rib cage in the back. My kids used to hurt when I was about 15, every morning when I would wake up they would hurt like shit.But only when I would sleep 15 hours a night :) .. But if you really think theres a problem "GO TO THE DOC" dont wait bro cuz that shit will only get worse. "I AM NOT A DOCTOR SO TAKE WHAT I SAID WITH A GRAIN OF SALT" C A DOC.... :)