can you cut prop with something...


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Hey guys,
Can you cut prop with something after it has already been made, filtered and bottled? A day after it is taken the pain is crippling and unbearable!!!

If you can cut and rebottle it with something, what should be used to remove the bite?


it was made with the following: 2/20 and 100% eo...​
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Why not just draw some sterile oil in the same syringe as the prop and cut it that way? It's by far the easiest thing to do and will ensure no complications in terms of correct dosing, etc.


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What's the concentration? I'm suprised it's so uncomfortable with EO as the carrier. Just make sure that oil is sterile before you use it.


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hey guys,
thanks for the slamming info...

Doc, it is 100mg/ml and will put you on your knees the next day!!!