Cancer & AAS cycles

Our resident Physicians will know more when they get on today.

I have heard that in tumor cases, where there is a growing section of tissue, Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) might do the obvious, which is to further promote growth.

A friend of the family has relapsed with prostate cancer and has already had the prostate removed from the prior bout. He is being treated with drugs that reduce the endogenous Testosterone in order to slow growth. He has responded and his PSA is in the normal range again. However is prognosis remains the same.... At his stage it is fatal.
There are many different tumor types, that is, different types of cancer. Some are hormone dependent/responsive, some are not.
Many cancers produce substances like cachexin, and a host of other identified and unidentified factors which can cause the weight loss and wasting which is so typical of cancers (it will often occur even with no change in caloric/protein intake!) Steroids may be helpful then. Same with the anemia of cancer.
Blanket responses are no good here. Let's first find out what the cancer is (if it indeed even IS cancer), and then go forward.
Natty had leukemia, perhaps that was best for him, this may be an entirely different animal.
Well a few years ago I had a very bad infection on the sack that surrounds the right testicle....the doctors at the time told me I would probably be sterile in that testicle and it would have to be observed from now on.

Now it seems that in one of my regular 6 months exams of the sack, my doctor said he noticed a "growth" on the testicle, and is sending me for an MRI on Monday and then if they deem it more serious for a biopsy.
Funny I saw this thread...

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer today

I have a growth on my testicle, which my doctor thought was a ruptured blood vessel. He went in to fix me up, and noticed it was cancer....

He had to sew me up and send me to the hospital (we were at a clinic)

Hey Natty, what is this with Oxandrolone being okay to use??
I had to stop my cycle today, and if I could still take that then it would brighten my day.

What do you guys think about using Slin with cancer??
Recover from the testicular cancer first. Worry about Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) later. Priorities! This is a life-threatening disease. You'll need workup for metastasis, if that's not already underway.