Chat Free with Bill Llewellyn, Will Brink, Par Deus, Anssi Manninen, Marc McDougal!

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Be there for a one-time only, completely free chat session with fitness guru and author Will Brink, author of "Anabolics" 2007 Bill LLewellyn, CEO of Avant Labs Caleb Stone, T-Mag Author and found of Evolutionary Training Concepts Marc McDougal, Science Editor of Muscular Development Magazine Anssi Manninen and more!!!!

The chat will be on the 14th of December and will last from 7-9pm, and will kick off the start of M&M's Inner Circle

During the evening, members will have the opportunity to join the Inner Circle at a discount, receive ADDITIONAL discounts from our sponsors, be eligible for FREE giveaways and more. If you signup for 1 year membership within 24 hours of the chat, you will recievve a FREE bottle of SesaThin plus much much more! And, you'll have the chance to rub elbows with some of the biggest names in the industry.

There is absolutely no excuse to miss this.

See you there!

ps. You must be a member of the M&M forum to observe and/or participate in the online chat session. To participate, please click the "INNER CIRCLE CHAT" tab on the upper right of your screen and provide your username/password when prompted.