chicago311 here to say hi to all you bikers out there


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hey all my biker friends out there, just wanted to say hi and see what all bikes everyone rides, i dont have mine anymore for dumb reasons, but i had alot of bikes in my life, and use to race moto - cross and loved that stuff but told old now, lol. my last bike was a 2014 harley davidson ultra classic touring bike WOW that thing was awesome to cruze on, it was black, what a blast, the sun in your eye's and the wind in the hair and the feet on the hiway pegs and arms behind the back relaxing while on cruze control what a steady bike to ride even without hands on the bars, anyway just wanted to say hi to all you biker brothers out there and be safe this spring OH YELL watch out for the dummies in those cars and pick-up's that cant see us for some reason, some of them are so dumb it takes them 2 hours to watch 60 minutes...... :smoker: