Circuit training?


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Tell me what you think of this Routine in this months Muscle and Fitness:

25-Minute Power Circuit Routine:
Circuit 1 Circuit 2 Circuit 3 Circuit 4
Bent-Over Row 15/8 15/8 15/8 15/6
Leg Press/Squat 15/8 15/8 15/8 15/6
Flat Bench 15/8 15/8 15/8 15/6
Lying Leg Curl 15/8 15/8 15/8 15/6
Barbell Curl 15/10 15/10 15/10
Calf Raise 15/15 15/15 15/6
Miltary Press 15/8 15/8 15/8 15/6
Leg Raise Crunch 15/15 15/15 15/12 15/10
French Press 15/10 15/10 15/10
End of Circuits Rest 2mins 2mins 2mins


I wonder how well something like this would work? I am unable to train like a bodybuilder using low rep heavy weight due to health issues and need something a little lighter as growth is not as big a concern as maintence.

feel free to post your opinions.
I am not a fan of that training program... it doesn't have the 3-5 rep range for hitting the Class 2b/c muscle fibers (FTF) ... it looks like it will only hit the slower endurance fibers (Class 1/STF) -- It might work if you lowered your rep count and raised the weight for a couple sets at the end of each exercise...

I have never been a fan of circuit training... as it is more for people who just want to workout, don't have time, and not really GAIN everything...

IMO -- it is really hard to work more than 2 (or one if it is legs) bodyparts in ONE training session.


I wouldn't use that routine if I was you, unless your just simply trying to break some form of monotony.

Now lets clear up some misconceptions...

Low reps and Heavy weight don't neccesarily = growth! Thats a ridiculous misconception. Most models/bodybuilders dont even train heavy and if they do it's usually only periodically.

As most people find out, those who have the "go heavy or go home" approach will usually not be using the same approach by the time thier in thier late 30's..the body will eventually get tired.

Now with saying that, I will say just to illustrate my point look at alot of power lifters/olympic lifters physique. I'm not talking about the big fat "heavy weights" talking about the guys who have to "make weight" to compete. Usually these guys look more in line with "Mens Health" models then they do with bodybuilders and guess what....they usually train heavy and frequently!

Look at the likes of John Inzer..around a buck sixty-five and deadlifting close to 700 lbs! Or maybe to look at the old timers before Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) even came upon the scene...Arthur Saxon could one arm Bent press over 300 lbs..he weighed approximately 170 lbs..Sigmund Klein maybe 190..all thes guys were phenomenal strength athletes!
Again training heavy
does not neccesarily = muscle hypertrophy...more often than not you are training your nervous system more when you go low reps and heavy weight.

Now I know your going, "So what what does this mean to me?" Well what is simply means is it's alright to work-out in the 3 sets of 8-15 rep range and you'll probably get some new growth as well as maintain what you have better then if you had gone heavy.

As for circuit sucks as "Citruscide" said, it's more of a marketing ploy then a effective means of working out unless of course your apart of the 90% of the herd in our fat, lazy,overweight society. Beleive it or not reducing the the rest in betweeen sets can be more dangerous then lifting heavy for low reps;) When you dont have suffecient rest(even with ken and barbie pink dumbbells) you set yourself up for an injury by tiring out your stablizer muscles and youeventual failing to perform reps in excellent form.

I want to make clear that I beleive that bodybuilding is as much ART as it is science so that means different strokes for different folks...but I wanted to also make clear that heavy weights and low reps do not neccesarily = muscle growth...

Hope this helps

i say go ahead and give the program a try for a few weeks and see what happens. everyone is different. i like to lift heavy mostly 5x5 routine. for me i get the best results with this. but every once in awhile i will switch up for a week or two and try something different. mixing things up is a good idea keeps the body guessing and also the same old same old gets boring after awhile.

good luck
Natty like n8 said give it a go ,i think it will do you some good to ease back into things slowly.This routine looks like a good starting point.
I,m not to sure Hammer understands or knows where your health is at the moment.....
Later bro get strong