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if u have already seen this on other forums i apologize...
i was wondering if instead of usual 5 1/2 low carb days and 1 1/2 carbup days, what if i did 4 days low and one day high?
i do manual labor for job, and i do HIIT cardio for 10 min a day also, including regular workouts. i figure this gets me at carb depletion earlier, and maybe i can save more muscle this way, or would i lose the effectiveness of the diet?
i am very strict with it the diet otherwise and am curious to know before next carbup day
i know nutriwrestler did something similar
I don't run CKD but I will often adjust the duration between refeed days based on my BF% (in light of the fact that leptin levels are correlated with one's percentage of BF).
I can't say reliably because I don't know exactly how hard you exert yourself at work - but I would follow your instincts on this one - if you feel really depleted by day 4 - go ahead and have your high carb-up on day 5.

I will re-iterate that people with higher BF% generally require longer periods between refeeds/carb-ups....essentially because it takes longer for their plasma leptin to drop low enough to warrant the refeed.

But try what you were suggesting and see how it goes...and if you aren't satisfied with your progress...try to stretch your no/low carb period to six days.....the refeed isn't all that useful unless you really are depleted!!

So I guess what I'm saying is that you should use your best judgement as to how depleted you really feel.
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last night i was up all night with headaches-despite following my calorie and protein (and fats as well) to the "t"
still losin 1/2 a week or so