clen questions


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ok, i have read so many different theories about how to take clen. 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. 2 days on, 2 days off. taper up, taper down, etc. seriously, whats the deal? please post your experiences with clen, how you dosed it, how long you used it, how effective it was for you, etc.

i never felt anything from it, lol, even at 100mcg/day. i would think it would be best to do 2 on 2 off with eca or nyc in between. the taper thing though, i dont know about if it is really needed
I didn't feel shit off clen, but I did the same thing Grafix-gnc did, 100mcg/ED. 2 on 2 off. Good luck
make sure to clarify 2 on/off as weeks or days... I think 2 weeks on/off is the best protocol to follow. Clen has a long half-life, so I could see that using a 2 day on/off wouldn't allow the drug to exit the system fast enough, and would lead to receptor downregulation.

Clen works great for me, really kicks up my thermogenesis... but for many others it does't do shit. Both my roomates have tried it and don't get much of anything from it... not even shakes at higher doses.
for dosages it is very individual... i can't go above 120mcg/day, but others have gone above 200mcg. Just start low and titrate up daily until you find a tolerable/effective dose.