Clomid and Estrogen Levels


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After reading through a thread pasted here from another Board, I just wanted to share a single thought with you all. That thread has been closed so I had to...hey...I think this is the first time I have started a thread here!

Clomid does not raise estrogen levels to any significant degree. It just looks that way on assay, because it has displaced estrogen at the ER's. That is why I don't start my Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) guys on a SERM until after I have done their follow-up labs at the one month point of their TRT: I can't get a good assay to see how much estrogen response they are experiencing from the testosterone I am giving them. I discussed this very topic some months ago with AAL Laboratories' (they do my testing through the mail for those who can't make it down to the local Quest Diagnostics) Chief Clinician. He explained to me that if we could get some sort of a "Free Estrogen Index" we could overcome this situation. I haven't seen that test yet, so I work it as I previously explained.
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I'd like to read it over again, just to refresh my memory concerning the general thought of that discussion. Could you point me in the right direction to the thread in question......or a link would be nice and :cool:

Well, Clomid will increase your LH/test so your estradiol will also increase.
It's nothing to worry about IMO since it would stay in normal range.
The sides you experience while on it are caused by clomid itself, not by increased estrogen like some think...

BTW, what's your opinion on estrogen rebound after you quit SERM's - I've never seen any evidence that it can happen.
It's the one on Nelson Montana's thread from EF.

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Does anyone have a study concerned with estrogen rebound following SERM use? Inquiring minds want to know.

I'm wondering if a male body will upregulate aromatase in order to increase estrogen concentrations. I'm not sure that it will, in the same manner it produces more testosterone in response to a paucity of same.

We really have to think in terms of actions at the ER, not serum concentrations, though (because we are considering hormonal antagonism). At the same serum estrogn concentration, lowering Clomid levels will bind more of the available estrogen, thus inducing more of estrogens' effects. At that point in your post-cycle recovery, though, your estrogen concentrations should be down.
I doubt that SERM's upregulate aromatase...
Estradiol increase is usually proportional to testosterone increase in studies I've seen.

There is some evidence that aromatase inhibitors may upregulate aromatase...