Clomid while backpacking?


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I have had a backpacking trip scheduled for a long while now. I just realized today that the day I am leaving on the backpacking trip will be the 1st day I am supposed to start my clomid. Sigh...

I have never taken clomid. Should I reschedule my trip? or will I be ok? How should I expect to feel?

I know everyone is different, just looking for some of your experiences.
Don't reschedule your trip bro., it isn't like you have to be carrying some syringes around and shooting yourself in a daily basis. Just take your clomid out of the blisters, put them in a plastic baggy and take them through out. Are you going to be doing:

300mg 1st day
100mgs 2-11 days
50mgs 12-21 days?

All in all you might just be a little sensitve in your backpacking trip, hope your not going with to many of you boys because if you are and they are anything like my friends you might be getting laughed at for being all sentimal and s**t! :D
Deadlift said:
How long are you going for? hopefully only a few days or you justed wasted all the cash on your cycle.

That's what I was thinking. Hopefully he is only going for a day or two. You don't think backpacking is the best choice while going through clomid therapy. You need to work your ass off to try and keep your gains and I think backpacking might get in the way of that.

Remember, post cycle you have to keep you calories up or else say bye-bye to all you hard earned muscle.
I will be leaving on Wed. (after workout), and comming back on Sunday.

My workout is 5 days on / 2 days off.. Thursday is leggs, friday is bi's and tri's, and sat/sun are my off days.

If I was able to keep my calories up (which should be easy) I should be ok here no?

Thanks for the feedback.
That shouldn't pose much of a proble,, like you said just keep calories up and work hard when you come back. The rest may do you good, without the juice you couldn't keep the same pace going in the gym anyways.