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If i run
week 1-4 d-dol 30mg ed
week 1-10 enth 500mg
week 1-10 Eq 400mg

when should i start clomid? I know your suppose to start taking clomid 2 weeks after enth and 3 weeks after Eq. So should I start it at 2.5 weeks? said:
no, start it 3 wks after your last eq inj. You go by the longest acting ester.

Yes.....and in your cycle, what lots do is run the Enanthate a week past the EQ.......or run a short acting ester like Prop right up until Clomid time.
Does the length of the cycle changes the usage of clomid? I mean suppose someone does a 2 week cycle of dbol and some test prop (because he would be tested for roids in a month or so), should the person run the Clomid therapy for the whole 21 days or cut the therapy short?
Bro dont waste your time or gear on a short cycle like that. And yes clomid therepy is ALWAYS needed.
I didnt mean to cut off the clomid theraphy completly but maybe shortening it by 7 days or something. And yes I know those short cycles arent the best, However sometimes ones needs a quick boost some, quick 10 to 12 pounds, but with the limitations of a possible testing, so that's where the tiny cycle might help more than doing nothing at all. I'm talking about sport here, where strength and explosiveness is the goal, not so much like body building where other factors comes into play.
Bro i played college football i know about strength needs. That cycle would be pointless. Clomid therepy should be run the same every time.
I guess it must be the placebo effect, but it has done wonders :D. But thanks i understand about the clomid theraphy, whats the shortest a cycle could be? 5 weeks? I wish I could talk to one of you in private so I could explain the real situation, giving some details wont give you guys a real idea of whats going on here