contest dieting


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ok folks, when you start your contest diet, when do you usually notice strength decreases? also, how do you deal with the psychological effects caused by the strength decrease? i just started my diet 2 weeks ago and ive noticed im a little weaker, not much but a little.

also if you dont mind what are your typical caloric breakdowns for your macronutrients during a contest diet?

I take it 14-16 weeks out so I dont have to notice alot of those side effects. Also your skin will tighten up differntly than on short diets. I will cheat all the way up to three weeks out.
Firstly, how far out are you from your show? You shouldn't start feeling a strength decrease too early. If you are, then you may want to look at your diet a little closer. Make sure you are getting adequate amounts of proteins and/or fats. I myself take in approximately 40% protein daily in my diet. My carb intake fluctuates depending upon whether I'm doing gymnastics that day or not.(I'll take in a little more carbs on those days). My fats come from my flax oil, my chicken, and the little bit from my tuna but that's pretty much it for contest diet time. I totally stay away from any saturates during contest dieting.