Customs Seizure

Darby Crash

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I just did a search on info about seized gear and there didn't seem to be any info that resembled my situation exactly. I noticed a lot of guys got letters as did I, but my letter was stuffed in the opened packaging that the gear was in, then shrink wrapped by the post office. The plastic shrink wrap had wording that said to please accept their apologies for the damaged goods etc. Then the letter stated:

This Shipment contained item(s) that were determined to be an illegal importation. The U.S. Customs Service has the responsibility to intercept and seize illegal items when they are attempted to be brought into the United States by any means. Accordingly, the item(s) were removed from the shipment and seized by the U.S. Customs service. The remaining items in this shipment are being forwarded to you as they are not considered to be an importation contrary to the U.S. Customs and/or related laws.

Customs address etc.

Is this what everyone else has been getting in this case?

For some reason I'm not all that worried - should I be?

What action do I take, if any? (erasing computer records, moving gear to another location)

My shipment was 500 thai dbol, can that get me in serious trouble?

Does it help that it was a paid private mailbox, and do I need to change it now?
I wouldn't worry about 500 dbol tabs. Just throw the letter away (unless your source wants a copy in order to resend) and ship to another clean address. If you want clean house, just to be safe but it is doubtful they would come after you over 500 dbols.
Thats the "Notice Of Removal" letter....The real letter will come in 2-3 weeks saying what was found and all the details........

Don't worry bro....