Cutting Cycle..What do you think?


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Hey PPL, help me with this cutting cycle..I've the following:

1-8 prop 100mg eod
1-6 tren 75mg eod
1-8 eq 400mg
7-11 Winstrol (winny) 50mg ed

I also have Clen, ECA, T3.

What is the best way to cycle all this
I would frontload the EQ to get it going quicker, i like to see EQ ran 10 weeks, but 8 weeks is ok. Besides that, it looks good
Well mate, the ultimate goal is to shred FAT.

My 2nd goal would be to get very lean and cut obviously

Also, is there anything I can add to make it a super cutting cycle
I think you have your bases covered, now it comes down to diet and cardio. I would suggest some r-ALA to help minimize insulin in carb meals, but it is icing on the theoretical cake.
I'm not really keen on ALA...I don;t think it's worth the money.

Diet and Cardio are the key