cycle update!!


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Hey guys a little update. This is the end of my third week, 35 mgs dbol ed, 500mg sus. Along with .5 armidex ed and 20-30 minutes cardio eod, I have put on 8lbs. This may not seem like much, but I'm extremely pleased as I feel these are quailty gains. Don't seemed to be bloated and I'm not putting on fat, actually may be losing some!!!
I'm getting around 350-400 grams of protein a day, not to accurate on total cal count, I would assume around 3000. Currently 213lbs and the sus has kicked in because strength is going through the roof! I used the 100lb dumbells in the gym yesterday for the first time and it was for incline press!!

Still have 6 weeks to go!! Keep ya posted
dude your doing great , the sus is just starting to kick in , its only going to get better