d-bol ?


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today i was doing straight leg deadlifts and I got the worst pain in my lower back. It was hard to even stand. Im taking 30mg of dbol ed. I saw on another board a post about steroids and sides and some people had mentioned d-bol and lower back pains. Does d-bol give people lower backs? Havent heard of this before


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yes i get severe lower back pains on dbol, but its well worth it. Im using 45mg of thais right now and my back is ok, i use milk thistle and cranberry extract and both together greatly help my lower back pains,



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lol... yup, well one good thing is that you know the dbol is good! this is very common with dbol, no worries


Hell yea, I had the worst pain in my back all week long this week. I started off Monday with Legs and I woke up Tuesday morning with the stiff lower back.