dbol and halo?


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before you all shout about my poor liver
I having a freindly compention at my gym ..powerlifting.. and was thinking about running a low dose of both for 2-3 weeks before the comp then stopping
Ill be running a low dose of test and npp at the time
thinking 30mg of dbol and 20mg of halo cant be as bad as 100mg of drol ed cant it
any one ever used anything like this before?


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Cheque drops are supposed to be the shyt for those that compete in powerlifting competitions. You might wanna look into 'em.


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liftsiron said:
If it's for power just use a bit more halo and can the d-bol.
I was going for the combo to help keep cost down halo costs me more than var!! but I get dbol for pennies