Deca Usage


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Just a stupid question from a newbie. When you have one of the 2ml bottles of deca , the one with the cap and all like the one located at . If i wanted to take 2ml a week, is it better to take 1ml two times a week, or take the whole 2ml in one shot. If i do take 1ml like every 3 days, is it ok to take twice from the 2ml bottle, or is it meant to only take one draw from it. Also, what is the best storage method for deca
It is such a long ester you can inject once or twice a week, it really doesn't matter that much.

Yes, you can use that 2 ml vial more than once, it has a rubber stopper just like 5, 10 , 20 ml vials.

Store it in a cool dark place.