denkell test cyp + anavar stack?

You can,do you know how expensive anavar is?How much cyp you planning to run?Anavar dosage?
Safe as it gets, as long as you do things right.

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How about some info, like age, height, weight and training history?

i was thinking about 25-30 mg a day on the anavar and about 400 mg a week on the cyp. im 30 i been training for over 10 years i been out of the gear game for a on a good strict diet im 5'11 about 185 wanting to get some good harness as well as some size was just wondering what u guys think? thanks bros
I would strenthen those old tendons and ligaments first for awhile.Dont try to pick off where you left off ten years ago.Start slow,40 mgs of Anavar (var) would be better.Test cyp is a good choice next to enth for me so far.As long as you eat enough and get enough protien and training in ,you should do well.