Dick Bigger???


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Is it just me or does anyone else have this happen?
Whenever I am on a cycle my dick seems to get bigger. I am not just imagening it either. My GF even notices. It is not some dramatic 2 inch difference or anything. But it is noticeable.

Just curious if anyone else gets this?
I could see that on an eq cycle since your rbc count goes up increasing vascularity. I can't really notice a difference but my libido goes down alot on most cycles I run.
It might be the EQ thing. I am running EQ at 400/week.
It is not cuz my nutz have shrunk. It doesn't just look bigger, it feels bigger too.

Probably more blood getting in there.
Wartime100 said:
I could see that on an eq cycle since your rbc count goes up increasing vascularity.

Wartime, not sure if you have seen this article that hhajdo posted, but here is an excerpt from the end of it, as well as a link to the whole article;

I hope also evident through this piece is the more primary focus on the different agents, and the fact that the enhancement of red blood cell production is a trait shared by all anabolic/androgenic steroids. Certainly those mentions of the vast superiority of one agent such as Anadrol or Equipoise over all others should be ignored.

saturn said:
Are we doing some spot injections there mike?????

omg, please dont even mention injection anything into your dick. I don’t even want to think about how bad that would hurt.
raw lifter 1 said:
I user 3cc per day, head, center and base......it's a muscle right and I love spot injections!!:tounge2:

What he didn't tell you is winkey is starting to look like a golf ball on a pencil from the injections in the "head".
Damn I'm going to have my wife keep a chart and see if there is any differents when on;)