DNP day 3


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I'm on my day 3 of DNP today.
The caps are 200mg powder.
I take it every day in the morning after breakfast .
The first days were ok , felt a little tired when I woke up yesterday morning but it must have been because I slept bad.
Today I felt more lethargic than usual and this evening I feel more and more tired but nothing very bad.
Not hot flashes for moment.
I just had a 30 min walk with my dog and felt my breath was shorter than usual (I had the same symptom last time with DNP).
I'll bum up the doses tommorow if I feel ok and tazke one cap in the morning and one in the evening IF I felt good all day long.
I'll keep you posted about how it goes for me ...
What supplements are you using?

I always made sure to take a multivitamin along with antioxidants (Vitamins C, E, ALA) whenever on DNP.