Do you use nolva from day 1?


mPUA "el diablo"
I am on 500 mg test enth. and 300 deca cyle a week.
I am currently taking 20 mg a nolva every day since day one...

Do the rest of you vets take anti- e's from day one?

Or do you wait until seeing gyno symptons...?

some think it could hinder gains.........
N-dex lowers I-gf1 levels dramatically so I wouldnt use it until gyno symptoms arise. Use Femera, it is a lot better and doesnt effect your gains as much.
I have never used it. I have it on hand in case of gyno, but never needed it thus far. Just like the myth that you should take clomid throughout your cycle. That was probably started by a clomid dealer! Clomid should be taken after your cycle.
I don't take any anit-e's during my cycle, correct. I have never had a problem. If I would start to get puffy then I would start the Nolva. I think clomid during the cycle just wastes it.
I started my cycle with .5mg L-dex ED...........was taking 30mg Dbol ED, 400 Cyp and 400 EQ every week.

By middle of third week, I starting getting gyno symptoms, so I started it right away then, now symptoms are gone. BTW, I am very sensitive to gyno, had some naturally, and since L-dex isnt 100% effective against estrogen conversion, I probably should have ran it from the start.

So I would say you need to assess it yourself........if you're very sensitive, I would take it from the start. If not, see how you do without, but regardless, always have it readily available.

Whats the minimum amount of Nolva you can take each day? Since my symptoms went away, I lowered it to 10mg ED, along with the .5mg L-dex every day..........feeling fine so far, just curious if 10mg is too low??
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Damn, you must be sensitive, cause 400mgs of test a week isn't a lot. And EQ is pretty neutral.
it was the dbol that gave me a problem........ive run test before with no issues, but i am definitely sensitive to dbol.