does all drol taste "peppery"


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ok, i just bit into one of the androlics i got. i remember hearing that anadrol was suposed to have a peppery taste. the ones i had just tasted like chalk and left a bad aftertaste. they are the 50 mg british dragon androlics. id post a pic but they look exactly like every other pic ive seen of them. the tab disolved very easily too. Should i be worried? i dont wanna give my bro bunk shit.
Never used Drol myself but there are tons of guys on this board that have. Lets get this back up top for some replies.
I did drol about a year or so ago. I don't even know what kind they were. They were white with a 50 on one side and blank on the other.
Anyway, it did not taste peppery to me, just chalky. Actually pretty similiar to Dbol.
Honestly I did not know shit about how to take them. Then on top of that I got bad advise from someone I 'thought' knew what he was doing. Anyways I was only taking about 3-4 pills a WEEK!!LOL

I did get pretty strong off such a low dose! Gained about 5-8 pounds.
I want to doa real cycle of the stuff to see how well I respond to a regular dose!!
I had some of those BDs, I really didnt notice a taste to them, I usually popped them first thing in the morning so my sense werent to keen. When id take my second one, id wash it down with my preworkout shake, so i never noticed a atste. Come to think of it, I didnt ever chew them. Well, screw me.
I've used the new and old BD androlics, the turkish anapolon's, the ttokkyo's, and the 75mg denkall's and none of them left a peppery taste and they were all legit. i usually gain about 10 lbs in the fist 10 days or so using 100mg a day...One of the older brands use to taste like pepper but that was due to the binders that they used....
it was a while ago i read that so its probubly what it was. thanks guys ill let ya know how he does. he started today
DO you guys actually chew your anadrol? I guess if you have IP maybe, i just swallow them, or if anything bite them in half with my front teeth to split the dosage, i nver sit there and chew on em.