Doing IGF before anabolic steroids?


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It is too late for me but theoretically i am wondering if it would be better to start with IGF cycles before doing anabolic/testosterone cycles later on. General practice is opposite of that, ie starting with test enathate. Maybe it is best to get huge amounts of cell division with your beginner gains using peptides. I have a buddy that did 6 months of HGH at 19 and hes now properly benching 2.25x his bodyweight (no bench shirt good form no power lifting nonsense at all) and has been all natural for years now. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts.


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I would use the IGF-1 LR3 on my post cycle therapy (pct). It's best to PCT with a Nolva/Clomid combo but the Nolva reduces your natural IGF levels which can hinder gains. So, supplementing the IGF neutralizes this and you can hold on to more of your hard earned gains.


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Your buddy most likely overhauled his hormones at a young age, at 19 he should have been teeming with HGH already, let alone packing it in early, you know if you can afford it, I would totally do it, but get more information before you just jump ahead and start pinning. I was actually thinking of doing the exact opposite of what you said, reaching my peak, then running a 6 month cycle of HGH or 1GF-1, GHRP 2/6, if I was already at the heavyweight class I wanted to be at, just imagine how cut I would be after a 6 month cycle.