dropped 9 lbs


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well since i cleaned up what foods i eat i have dropped 9 lbs 289 down to 280. i will be starting clen monday 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. i have to get my ass back on track with the cardio though. been slacking a bit

20 lbs to go:)
Good job house! I am also working on dropping a few pounds. I am going to try and get ripped for the summer. I haven't stepped on the scale in about 10 days. I think I am scared to actually. I feel like I have dropped a couple pounds and I loook better in the mirror, but I don't want the scale to tell me I haven't lost anything! I think I will wait a couple more days, then I'll see. I don't have scale here at home, I'll have to go to the gf's house to do it anyways.
i love doing cardio, for a big man i can run for along time too. I'm also looking too drop 20ibs.
House are going too post some before and after pics?
beast my pic is up in the pic forum bro, will show some after pics. just have to keep focus on my goals