Drug test using hair


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Hey all,

I am having a drug test for work soon using the hair folicle method over the urine method.

I am pretty certain that Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) will not register but would be good to hear your comments. Also, non Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) related, does anyone know if this test picks up recreational drug use prior to the 90 days that this test is supposed to pick up? Last time I did anything was January.

As far as steroids go, you got nothing at all to worry about.

With the "rec" stuff.....I'm not sure, but you're talking 8+ months, so if I had to guess I'd also say you'll be fine.
Visible hair on the surface will be able to tell them your diet, I dont know about the drugs though. But look at how long your hair is, if its 6 inches long and you grow hair 1/2" a month that is one years worth of history give or take a week.

Since steroid testing is expensive and there are hardly common users, it is not often tested for. As for recreational stuff I dont touch that shit anymore, I'm a big boy now, even though in most places Heroin and such is Schedule II not III :rolleyes:
Very true about not testing for steriods. I know the military wont test for it unless there is strong suspetion or an incedent occurrs. It is a very expensive test to do.