Dubol-100 fast acting deca-What have been your results


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For those who have used it, what do you guys think? results? how many times per week did u inject? And do you think since this is a short ester will it work for site enhancement?
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is that made by BM? im not sure, if it is the BM nandrolone phenylpropionate, than i hear its very good

Yes it's made by BM..human grade product...very good.
I would do every 3rd day injections, Or just do Mon, Weds and fri. Then start back up on Monday again.
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Dubol-100,as well others nondrolone phenilproprionate preparations seems to prived better quality gains then Deca.It can also offer you the possibility to control better serum levels,feel the prod at the start and implement P.C recovery without to wait!.I personally never used the compound,but who used it regard it very highly.