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Evening fellas and females -

Im going to get bulking soon - at the moment im around 9% bf at about 176 pounds around 6ft in height.

Just wanted you guys' take on this please - i normally like to eat big, all clean mind you - lots of clean carbs, proteins, healthy fats, etc... - my diet is really good but just wondered how big you guys eat.

I dont really mind putting on a little fat as thats part of bulking - and i havent bulked for a while and i just have that feeling - you know - the one where you want to up calories as you feel like eating more.

Would be great to hear you guys' views.


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Hey bro, you stats and mine were very close (im 38 though) I'm into week # 4 of my 1st bulking cycle.

Started out 175/8%bf/restricted diet of only clean,clean,clean foods and low carbs for the past 7 years. I'm now 192/13%ish and eating about 3000-4000 cals per day.

I used to eat 2000- per day. I am happy with the changes in my body but eating all that food, and not eating as clean as I used to has been a hard transformation.

my cycle: test 600mgs/deca 400 EW

Good luck, hope you don't get that fucking bloated feeling that I have. Can't wait to start eating clean again!