Ephedrine, Caffeine, Aspirin Stack


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Rumour has it that

25 mg Ephedrine
200 mg Caffeine
325 mg Aspirin

works well as a fat burner. Anyone have any experiences with this (side effects, results) and I was wondering if the results of effects differ between male and female athletes.
Yes that is a good stack just do not take too late in the evening as this stack will inhibit sleep.
70w30 said:
It depends on how many pills you ingest at once .I am not sure of the mix per pill ratio.

Two pills of the US version(the good one) are standardized to equal one ephey, one caffeine. I prefer the actual ECA stack over Xenadrine. It really depends on your tolerance to it though. Some people feel better on the herbal blends such as Xenadrine or Ripped Fuel.
The tradiotinal ECA is prpbably the way to go IMO. It seems harder to find the good ephedra were I am at though so I use Animal Cuts. its thermo so it has the components I need.