Eq-How often to inject


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I want to get in 600mg/week for the first 4 weeks, should i do 1.5cc in one delt and 1.5 cc's in the other delt all in one day. or is it best to split it up monday and thursday? please help. also will be taking 1200mg of it from week 5-9. is this wise?
Spit it up twice a week.

If you are going to take 1200mg, take that on weeks 1 and 2 as a frontload.
Until I started my Fina this week, I was shooting my EQ once a week. 700 mg's every Sunday night. Now since I started the Fina and am shooting it eod, I just throw a ml of EQ in there and I get the same amount per week that I was shooting before.
I have QV products EQ and its 200 mg per cc....I take 1.5 cc Monday and Thursday and thats 600 mg...with Test Prop at 400mg and Winstrol (winny) at 250 mg per week
So you think its wise to run the higher of the doses first then continue at 800mg from week 5 to week 10? then 400 on weeks 11 and 12?
I dont think you should bump up the EQ then bring it back down..Ive stayed with a 400mg per week since the beginning
u see thats what i was thinking wouldn't it be best to bump up dose after week 4. U figure it takes 4-5 weeks just to start working, by the time it does u can up the dose for more effect. does this sound right to anyone? anyone agree?
frontloading does not bring your blood levels above your max dosage it just gets the levels up faster

long esters should be frontloaded if you want the blood levels up faster