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Some guy had asked me a question about the EQL Winstrol (winny) you guys might be able to answer. I haven't been able to find out if its micornized or not...Ive exhausted the search button on this..maybe you can shed some light??

The water based.. I don't think so.. that is why people were having so much trouble getting it trough a pin.. hence the switch to oil based.... I wouldn't think it matters because it's completely suspended but I'm not completely sure. Anyone know?
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One step ahead of you but thanks. I just PM'd him.
Come on, where are all the EQL experts??? This isn't that hard of a question. Is it?
The answer is Yes, it is micronized but in oil not water.
I had bought 11 water winnys from eql,half of them were all powder with little water(good) the other half was all water no powder barley,so I kept the milky ones and they r great,but I think they only make oil Winstrol (winny) now.I had to drink it cause it wouldn't even pull through a 18g needle.All and all good shit
Let me know how it is on your joints. No more Winstrol (winny) tabs for me but this might be an option.