Esterless Synovex Test?


Banned, had no choice
if memory serves me correct, doesnt someone make a syno kit that supposedly makes the test esterless? not just propionate:confused:
I believe researchkits syno kit makes TNE not TP. Swing by conversionboard I'm sure someone there can clear it up for ya.
do it your self

dissolve the pellets in HEET (methanol)
let them completly dissolve over a few days

then add some crushed up red devil lye pellets .. about 2-3 tablespoons worth..

stir up and then filther through a coffee filter

rinse through a coffe filter
rinse through dust mask
rinse through dust mask
rinse through dust mask

if you are a super paranoid freak you can take the powder and repeat the entire process over again

this will yield test no ester... if you dissolve in oil you shoot ED

good luck and save the bucks
does this also remove the estrodial? Isnt that missing the whole, crystalizng step and so on?
you dont need it with this process..the test will precipitate and that is what you will filter out.. the estradiol will become soluble in water.. thats why rinsing is crucial

i can go into more detail at another time if you like or you can search a bit on

sorry i just dont have the time now pm EMAIL me for more details if you need them and i can get back to you..