Estrogen and sex drive, perfformance


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We all know that too low of estrogen causes loss of libido.

Does high estro cause any libido isues or performance probs.

ALso do you guys feel that low libido and performance don't always go hand in hand?

One way I could see high estro causeing performacne issues is if you were gettting HBP from the water retention.


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i dont know if i can completely answer ur question but from what ive heard its about having a particular ratio of test/estrogen. Im interested to see what the experts have to say bout this one good question Rocco


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To high of estrogen can drop your sex drive down, not to mention be bad for cardio vascular too


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Try rubbing some Estrace cream on your testicles and see what happens...

Seriously though, performance and libido I've found do not go hand in hand, atleast for me. Right now my libido is down (due to dutasteride), but I do not have any performance problems/symptoms of ED.


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i just came off of a pretty heavy cycle of test and decca about 4 weeks ago running each at 750 and i only experienced a loss of sex drive for a very short time. Ive been taking nolva and tribulus everyday adn this seemed to bring about a rapid sex drive recovery.


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testosterone is not the only hormone that affects sex drive. i can be on over a gram of test and still only have sex once a day, it sucks.


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When I ran var on it's own my test levels dropped to practicly zero but I still had a VERy strong sex drive, DHT is apparantly very important to sex drive and blood flow to that area.