Expert opinions-cycle suggestions...?

Here it is- 29year old, 6' -180lbs- roughly 19-20%bf? have been boxing for 7 years- started weights around 2 years ago- tried several different diets to maximize metabolism and muscle growth, and it seems I cannot shake the last 15-20lbs off and gain some size! Others (including my wife) have said that for as much as I work out, I should be ripped- I agree. I don't lift a ton of weight, but lift 2-3 times a week while boxing 3-5 times a week. I feel I have got all I can out of my genetics. I've been reading alot about AS and am thinking of a cycle that will not be too hard on my liver and not too complicated/expensive. Under consideration is some anavar, tren, and eq. What would stack the best for my goals? Other suggestions are welcome, but these are the ones I read about that seem to conform to my goals. I read tren can take away from your breathing capacity/cardio endurance, but help with fat metabolism and make good gains. The eq I know is a longer cycle, and read it can help with endurance, but makes slower, more solid gains. The anavar seems to help strength, but what about size? What I would like to keep it at just two, and would like suggestions on dosage and OCT/PCT. What stack would work the best for me? I am also trying to stay away from an all injection cycle, that's the reason for the anavar w/ eq or tren.
it was helpful, but not specific enough.... I am asking about dosage and pct- and any other suggestions that would be helpful- since then i have done some reading and considering- so it was helpful, but would I would like some more specifics, if possible. I tried to be more specific in this post, so I was looking for more specific advice. thank you for your help.
You will probably won't like what I got to say but I'm not flaming you just trying to help. As for any drug other then T-3 or T-4 it really will not help you get that last 15 to 20 pounds off. Diet is where it is at. Even T-3 and T-4 needs a good diet for it to work well. How about posting what one of your diets look like. Then maybe we can help more.
I don't count calories, but I don't overeat, and when in training i have a protein shake for breakfast, around lunch I have solid food- tuna sandwich, eggs, chicken, or something with protein and carbs- within an hour or so I workout- post workout I have another protein shake, then around dinner, I have a sensible dinner- healthy- me and my wife don't eat junk, just whole foods. I might do something later in the day like pullups or a walk or some more bag work if I'm bored- At night, I have a protein shake. When forced to analyze my diet, I realize I probably am not getting enough protein- I have casein in the morning and at night, while I have whey post workout. Should I be counting calories? Do I just lack consistency? I know I can burn alot of muscle in some of my boxing workouts, but that's why I have some carbs before hand. I was just thinking that if I had some extra help I could jump start my muscle and my metabolism, cutting more fat because I will have more energy and less fatigue from my workouts. Should I have more protein? More calories? (already tried that) I am not looking for some easy way out, just some additional help, I have done alot of reading and alot of self-experimentation, and I am at a loss- please help with some suggestions with diet, schedule, or anything I could be overlooking. Thank you for help.