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I read this on Elite today. One of them found the article on another board.

this is from the AR board. It is a post by NEO_OEN and I think it's a most read.

Crazy story.


Ok guy's Im gonna post what happened to me, I've had a couple people ask me about it and I've posted it in part before so I appoligize If you've read it. I honestly still don't like to talk about it because its almost embarassing and more then that it pisses me off But I really think its important. I started juicing when I was 17 my first couple cycle's went great mainly Pimoteston Depot and Testex Leo and Testoviron. Those I lucked out and got from a reliable source that ended up moving away. Then when it was time to stock up again I went with a source I didn't really know because the other reliable sources knew my family and I was still hiding it at that time. So I bought about 20 1cc Vile's from someone I didn't know. It turns out that one of the biggest Gym's in Vancouver had some pieces of shit that were selling counterfit gear, it was mainly a mixture of water and Armor All car cleaner. You boys think you know what sick is? try shooting cleaner into your body for 20 weeks. By about the 7-8 shot I started feeling sick, I thought it was a side effect and had nobody to ask cuz there was nothing like AR around back then. At about the 17th week my whole body started getting abit of A yellow tinge, even my eye color started to change yellowish. As soon as my dad saw me he knew something was wrong, he thought it was Jhondis "excuse the spelling" So thats when I told him what I was doing and at that point we didnt know about the counterfit ring, we found out about 3 weeks after I told him when we read about it in the paper, the pricks got busted. Anyways I ended up toxically poisioning my body and liver especially. I gave myself a bad chemical imballance and got very sick, for about 2 years I started suffering from bad Anxiety attacks because of a chemical imbalance in the brain, thats what my doctor figgured anyway. Took years to feel normal again, well as normal as you get after that shit. I stayed away from the shit for 7 years till 7 weeks ago and so far so good. The point Im trying to tell you guys is this, DO NOY BUY GEAR FROM A SOURCE YOU DO NOT KNOW OR TRUST. The guys out there counterfitting things don't give a crap about you, they don't care if you live or die, they just want their couple hundred bucks. Even if you have to wait 6 months for a reliable source please wait, I can tell you it's just not worth it! Sorry for the long message, I just don't ever want to hear about someone going through the hell I did. Take care and be safe Bro's!
some of these guys dont think they could kill somebody,guys put nasty stuff in these bottles for quick dollar.and ruin peoples lives.
All scammers and counterfitters totally suck, but putting something in like Armor All or another poison is beyond all comprehension.
That guy is lucky he didn't die. It is one thing to rip someone off buy selling them plain ol' oil, but to put that shit in there is a whole other level of LOW!
In the rec drug world that is called A "Hot Shot" and is meant to kill or poison over time.

It is only done in the most extreme circumstances. Not for profit..

I hope that motherfucker's asshole is the size of a tennis ball can from being ass raped by an inmate
Thats fucked up.....My first time I think I was shooting cooking oil in my ass...I know the guy who got me the test, I know him (from high school)....
I didn't know anything untill I started reading on these sites and learning more about AS..........lets just say that he got his ass handed to him...
That's some fucked up shit!! It all comes down to greed. There some greedy mother fuckers out there and most of us here can vouch for that. Most of us been scammed one way or another. Either buying from someone that is suppose to be your friend , to buying over the net. I've always said the punishment to give to someone is to do what they have done to others. Should of made them drink a gallon of that shit. And just watch them die. I would pay to see it.