Faster Ester=More Pain, Why?


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I understand what esters are and there function but one thing I wondered is why test prop hurts more than cyp. Yes one is faster acting than the other but why do the companies have to add more BA content just because it releases faster. Are the faster acting drugs more prone to high infection rates and if so, why? This question has been on my mind for awhile I just always forget to ask it.
hmm u make a good point, prop hurts like a bitch, and suspension is supposed to be killer, i have no scientific answer, maybe God had to make the best tests have more sides for a reward/pain factor balance, lol i have no idea
then why is it we bake and everything else to get rid of the high BA content. This still makes no sense to me and I cannot think of a reason why a faster acting would hurt more. hmmmmmmm anybody else?
are you comparing human grade gear to vet gear?????????

suspension and prop are more often found in vet gear - where as cyp and enth can be more easily found as human grade.

I think he's just comparing the esters long vs short....I've used prop and enanthate....both QV products, and the prop seemed to hurt a lot more

(unless you shoot the enanthate in your lower quad***holy shit that hurts....I couldn't bend my knee...hehe)
I dont think the grade matters. Everyone seems to agree that prop hurts worse than any other gear (maybe sus, and Winstrol (winny), but they are water based). so why is that. yes the ester is released faster but does that lead to a less sterile enviroment and if so why would an ester matter.
I dont agree - i have used viromos with NO pain. But I have had a little pain with qv. And alot of pain with underground products.

Heres the answer from Big Daddy Chemo if I worded this right:

"The shorter the ester, the less soluable in the oil depo it is. So, when the oil depo begins to dissipate after a day or two, the steroid begins to precipitate out of solution and begins to crystallize or something like that, and that those crystals are the cause of the pain." punk. You just stole my thunder :(

That is the answer. To add to it, because the shorters are less soluable, usually more solvent is added, not always though. That is where the more immediant pain would come from, wheras the delated pain is as described above.
The BA is the most minor contributor of the pain. There shouldnt be any pain from the solvent at all unless your using some crappy brand IMO!

Go shoot some T425 or T400 and then come back and tells us what cyrstallization of the depot feels like. Same principle there! Too much hormonone in one spot.

PS I wouldnt really try it, you wont walk for 3 days.
TechChemY said:
well don't I feel like an ass lol....j/k

fyi...that wasnt my intention. its just the pain is often contributed to the ba when its not. shoot 25mg/ml prop and i bet its painless.

sorry :)
So I just shot 3cc's of QV enan in my left quad! I wonder if it will be more painful than 1.5cc's of t-400??

I'll know in a few days!