Fina and Dbol Stack.....Would This Have Insational Results ?


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Hey guys,
was thinkin about what i could do for a light 10 wk cycle in the summer..... I DONT want to take any TEST....... I've been takin test so long i want to try just something based on solely anabolics...... now i was first going to do deca and dbol....... however then the thought of fina came into mind..... now i know it's not recc to stack this two because of progest bitch takin all three would be a no no...... however Mg for Mg fina is more potent than deca and many say it's their drug of choice. I have taken fina before but i was staking it with test...... I do have to say though my strength was insane...... anyway i was thinkin about doing this

wks 1-4 30mgs of dbol
wks 1-10 100mgs fina a day

the whole point behind this cycle is that i want to try and add atleast 10lbs of lean muscle mass....... fina should help keep water retention down and burn fat as well from the dbols..........anywho..... someone tell me if this sounds like a good stak for wut i am aiming for....... i dont want nothing wiht test and nothing to large...... just something to wet my whistle if u know wut i mean...... i may also add oral winstrol during the end of this cycle but am not sure of it yet
i did the exact thing for my second cycle...guess what it blows

add the test in or suffer as i did. i felt like total shit without any
Yep, Test is a must, you could go as low as 300mg a week, and still be good, Test gives me a feeling of well being, dbol and fina give me a generally shitty attitude.
if you must not have test, do what Mr. "Almighty" did, I think he has ran a few fina/winny cycles hand has had great results.

fina@75mg/ed 1-8
winny@50mg/ed 1-8
billy bath.....did you experience any decent gains off the dbol/fina cycle ? I'm not going to do test so i might swtich fina to deca
Roadhouse........ sort of a psychological thing i think i will be better if i dont hit any test........ i know this really wont make a difference with future cycles bu it's just a psychological thing.......

fuck i gues i may do test.............. light prop prob only at 400mgs a wk......

ok thanks for the help guys
ya i got some nice strength gains and a little weight gain..but i felt like shit.

no motivation
no sex drive
no energy

absolute minimum, run 200mg/wk. doubt youll get gains from that alone..but it shoudl take care of any "test withdrawel" symptoms
If it is for mood purposes, both tren and dbol make me an extreme asshole, or so Im told. Testerone has even shown positive affects, as far as a mild antidepressant in reasonable dosages.
When on Tren and Dbol, your Test levels will be somewhat depressed. Heres a study of Testerone supplementation for depression.

Testosterone gel supplementation for men with refractory depression: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial.

Pope HG Jr, Cohane GH, Kanayama G, Siegel AJ, Hudson JI.

Am J Psychiatry. 2003 Jan;160(1):105-11.

OBJECTIVE: Testosterone supplementation may produce antidepressant effects in men, but until recently it has required cumbersome parenteral administration. In an 8-week randomized, placebo-controlled trial, the authors administered a testosterone transdermal gel to men aged 30-65 who had refractory depression and low or borderline testosterone levels. METHOD: Of 56 men screened, 24 (42.9%) displayed morning serum total testosterone levels of 350 ng/dl or less (normal range=270-1070). Of these men, 23 entered the study. One responded to an initial 1-week single-blind placebo period, and 22 were subsequently randomly assigned: 12 to 1% testosterone gel, 10 g/day, and 10 to identical-appearing placebo. Each subject continued his existing antidepressant regimen. Ten subjects receiving testosterone and nine receiving placebo completed the 8-week trial. RESULTS: The groups were closely matched on baseline demographic and psychiatric measures. Subjects receiving testosterone gel had significantly greater improvement in scores on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale than subjects receiving placebo. These changes were noted on both the vegetative and affective subscales of the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale. A significant difference was also found on the Clinical Global Impression severity scale but not the Beck Depression Inventory. One subject assigned to testosterone reported increased difficulty with urination, suggesting an exacerbation of benign prostatic hyperplasia; no other subject reported adverse events apparently attributable to testosterone. CONCLUSIONS: These preliminary findings suggest that testosterone gel may produce antidepressant effects in the large and probably underrecognized population of depressed men with low testosterone levels.

PMID: 12505808 [PubMed - in process]