Fina conversion help


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Is it possible ot make a concentration of 150mg/ml using one component th belt and a 2g kit? Or is it more complicated than that?
Technically, It is possible. But what you are doing is reducing the B.A. to compound ratio.

Just grab a 4g kit and only add enough sterile oil to make it 150mg/ml. It justs seems safer to not lower the B.A. percentage when dealing with homebrews.
thats not a lot of B.A. to disolve and little oil for injects. I don't know why you would want a concentration 150mg (painful from BA and low oil).
I would at the least pay a few buck more get a 4g kit and use 300 pellets at most and have over 100mg 50cc's.

I wonder why you would want to make so strong bro per cc its not really any benafit just more pain from BA content.

4 g is intended for 200 pellets 75mg per cc and less painful, I imigine it can be done to make so strong with only problem maybe not enough BA to disolve pellets.

IMO pay a few buck more and do it right!
Thanx for the help bros, Money wasnt the issue. Im in the midst of planning my next cycle and was trying to minimize fluid amounts for spot injections. Im tryint to inject my Winstrol (winny) and tren in the same sites on same days with same needle. Was trying to not shoot more than 2 ccs solution per inj. Ill just make fina the normal way with 1 belt and 4 g kit. and just reduct the tren dosages for this cycle.

Was going for 150 tren 50 Winstrol (winny) eod. Ill just reduce to around 75/50 And just run tren for a few weeks before i start Winstrol (winny). Thanx guys!