fina freq of injection question


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Okay for keeping blood levels nice and level do i have this right?

Tren Ace has a half life of aprox 72hrs , I have read other post talking about inj every half of the half life to maintain opt blood levels, and in this case that would be 36hrs.

Is this correct?

How many days does it usually take for fina to kick in? I'm currently doing 75mgs every 36hrs. This is my first time with fina and am curious.
Just drop'in in on you guys.
Never done Fina before but have thoughts of it.
Would it be stupid to do 100mgs ED for 5 wks?
would this pack some muscle? - too much gear? - too little gear?
My specs 5'8"-170lbs. going bald, horney bastard!
Shorty watch how your body reacts but IMO 75mg ED is enough.I am blessed that I rarely have neg sides(Don't get shut down on Deca or Tren,still have my hair after a ton of winny,no back pain on D-bol,ect).Some get sides on Tren and 100ED may compound that if your prone to it.

Good luck