First Cycle Progress


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I'm nearing the end of week four of my first cycle. I have been lifting weights for two years. When I started the cycle I was 210 lbs, 6'4", 34" waist and I'm 36 years old (I had been dieting/aerobics/lifting weights to get down to 210). My goal was to put on mass but try to avoid laying down too much fat--I was hoping to stay within two waist sizes.

My cycle is:

wk 1-2 dbol only 30mg/day
wk 3-4 dbol 30 mg, Sust 350 mg/wk
wk 5-10 Sust only 350 mg/wk

I'm now at the end of week four and I weigh 230 lbs(20 lb gain) and this last week I've noticed significant strength gains starting--added 10 lbs to my bench this week. I've been eating like a horse and I've been trying to eat as clean as possible--could do a little better job--but I have the following questions:

I've just about put on two inches to my waist--would it help to introduce a little aerobics first thing in the morning to avoid laying down too much fat or would that be counterproductive to muscle growth?

For a mass building cycle like this what would be a reasonable increase to my waist size for a ten week cycle like this? I really don't want to cut back on all the food I'm eating because I don't want to compromise my muscle growth. Any advice?