first cycle


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I have a 10ml 300mg deca bottle and 100 dbol tabs,I,m thinking of adding 250mg of sustanon a week. I'm 6 foot 220 solid. Could y bros help me out with a simple cycle with moderate gains.
I would skip the deca and run the test at 500 a week for 10 weeks and use the dbol at 20-25mg a day for 4 weeks... Its your first cycle...don't get complicated...
i dont like deca....anyhow, if you are going to cycle, i know someone will reply it, but make sure you have you clomid, ara, nolva or proviron etc...or its all for not....

Yes i will use clomid as post cycle,but should i only uses nolva if any gyno occures or use it nomatter what
Someone else will better be able to give you the scoop on that...all i have ever ran during a cycle is proviron...generally 25 mg a day...i have however, if frontloading and running what i consider a high dose of dbol in the cycle, i bump it to 50mg...but i do run it all the way through the cycle...