First inject


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Thanks to all who helped with my questions and the like I have finally done my first inject. I had to find elsewhere to get The stuff because I am still being jerked around elsewhere but hopefully that will get delt with by a few bros from EA. Anyway, I had problems drawing. I injected more than 2cc's of air and injected it in the bottle. I pulled back but it was difficult and did not want to come out. I had to change needles I fucked it up so many times. As for the inject my wife did it for me. I didn't feel a thing and it went smoothly. I couldn't beleive after every one saying how it slightly hurt that I didn't even feel it. I think I just have a fat ass,lol. I almost wanted it to hurt because afterwards it just didn't FEEL like I had injected anything even though I guess that pain is not necessary. For those of you who always replied to my e-mails and had patience with me I thank you very much. I have gotten some shit because people don't understand the amount of trouble I have and am still going through with an international. I have finally joined the dark side. I almost feel like the inject was too easy. Thanks again. I will ALWAYS remember those who have helped me and will ALWAYS have the back of those who didn't jerk me around or treat me like a newbie. Peace.
Thanks Buffdawg. You are a great guy and I appreciate your help. Your right Wally I want to go inject again right now.
Congrats Ifrit...........nothing like that first shot, unfortunately I wasn't as lucky as you and had to do it myself. Those where some horrific 30minutes.:)