Frisco, MrsPuddles I made it over


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Hey Chickas, I made it over here finally. I haven't been seeing yall much at elite so I figuered I would come check it out over here. How has it been going? And MrsP yes I changed my username Your prolly like who the hell is that. Well It is me lovemymuscle.. I felt SouthernBell had a better Ring.

I love the new name! Sorry I didn't get your msg. on AIM the other day...hubby restarted the computer and AIM just starts up. He showed me the msg. in the morning but you were already offline.

GLAD to see you over HERE!!! You're a terrific lady and I know you'll be an asset to Steroidology. :)

If you didn't already, drop in on the sticky and introduce yourself. I gotta scoot off to get the kid to school and then my day's kinda nutso here again.
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