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There are pro and cons to every method of cycle. Some people feel that they have the best results when they employ a reasonable dose frontload at the beginning of each new cycle. Any opinions on this?

"The idea behind frontloading comes from a common practice used in IV drug administration: To raise plasma levels fast. To keep them there docs often give a big IV bolus of the drug to immediately achieve the desired plasma level, the decrease the dose significantly to maintain that desired level. Frontloading approximates this, but you will still get peaks and valleys in blood levels of the drug because it is impossible to regulate drug distribution from a depot site like you can with an IV drip".
Thanks guys but what's the theory behind it? The reason I asked was because I'm two weeks into a 10 week bulking cycle where I'm running both Test Enan and Equi, amongst other things. Both of these two compounds take 3-4 weeks to kick in so does frontloading help boost your T- levels quicker and to sustain them over the term of the cycle?
Well, the drugs begin to "kick in" when they reach high blood concentrations. The theory is that they reach this point earlier than if you just loaded with a steady dose. It's the same concept as with creatine. I only frontload steroids with longer esters like test enanthate/cyp, EQ, or Deca (if I used deca). Before I knew about it, I did not frontload and it would take 4 weeks before I started seeing significant gains off of enanthate - now the same effect is seen by week 2. I shoot 2x the weekly dosage so if I wanted to run 800 mgs per week I would take 2 shots of 800 in the first two days of my cycle (for the sake of comfort).
As explained by Andy13

I think front loads should be completed within the first week.. If it is stretched out to two weeks, it's easy to over-shoot the mark.....
You'll have higher levels of ACTIVE hormone during this time than during the regular cycle. The goal is get blood levels UP TO max theraputic levels quicker...... I know you probably understand the theory of frontloading, but there are some who might think (pehaps from the name "frontload") that blood levels are highest in the beginning, but that is not the intention.


Notice the part about "UP TO" and not beyond "max theraputic levels."
Personally I like to front load if I am using a slow acting ester such as enanthate, or deca. There is a good thread on elite about this.
Based on SC's thread it sounds like I'm a little too late to frontload now that I'm into my second week. Anymore input on this..