Fuck Monday!!!!!1


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I was going to start my Enan cycle on monday (first cycle - 400mg Enan for 10 weeks). I realizes that tomorrow is a holiday and the pharmacy probably won't be open. This morning I jumped in the car and went to the pharmacy to pick up some pins. All they had were 25g 5/8' 1CC. I was kind of pissed, but I bought some anyways. I was hoping to get 1" or even 1.5", but that was all they had other than insulin syringes. I got them home and thought to myself, "I wonder ......". Before you know it, I am in the bathroom running the vial under some hotwater. I had to draw and inject with the 25g because that is all I had. I wanted my first injection to be in the quad or glute, but I was afraid that the 5/8" would be too short. So I neal down on the bathroom floor and stabilize my arm on the toilet. I made sure to be very clean. I used 3 alcohol wipes. 1 on the top of the vial, 1 on my shoulder preshot, and 1 on my shoulder postinjection.

I drew out my 1CC and it went pretty easily. Then I put the needle up to my shoulder. I didn't want to push too hard incase something was to go wrong. This was my first injection afterall. I put the needle on my delt and slowly pushed it. My skin indented about 1/4" before I penetrated. When it went in, I didn't even feel a thing. I thought it was going to hurt a little bit, maybe like a pinch. In all honesty, if I wasn't looking I wouldn't have known it was in.

Injecting the Enan was pretty slow. I was shaking like a leaf for the first .5CC, but after that I was pretty calm. I tried not to move the needle too much, but it did manage to come out about 2mm while I was injecting.

All in all, everything went better than I thought. I think I will do shot #2 on Thursday, so I can keep my Monday/Thursday injection plans. FUCK STARTING ON MONDAY!!!!!!!!

Oh ya, I can also say FUCK DIETING because I am bulking again. Dieting was fun while it lasted, but I'll try it again next summer with some other goodies.
Hehe i had my first shot done for me, so it wasnt nerve racking at all. Youl get used to it. Have fun on ur first cycle, i did.
The hardest part for me was getting the balls to go to the pharmacy and buy the needles. Once I had them, I could let them sit around for one whole day. That is just nuts ;)

The only place I could get them today was Food Basics Pharmacy. I went to Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up some alcohol wipes and they only had slin needles. The funny thing is that they had the boxes of them out in an isle. You don't even need to ask the pharmacist for them.
Now you know to get all your supplies in order well in advance.

Do you have your Clomid for afters, and Nolvadex just in case?

I had the Ldex, Clomid, and Nolva about 3 weeks ago. I was going to wait to do my cycle a little bit later in the summer, but I felt like doing it now (last minute).
I've used 25g as well, I heat mine up with water from the coffee maker (put my ready to go pusher in a plastic baggy), works ok but yes it takes some patience. I have also bent a 25g once so have to be carefull about that, mine were 1.5" long though.
Whats wrong with 25gs? i use 3ml 25g 1 all the time in the glute.
i get them at Walmart Pharmacy or walgreens. the old women always look at me weird when i buy 50 or 100 pins. one time the lady asked me why i wanted that many. i said to her "Do i ask you why you buy birthcontrol?" she frowned and rang me up.

What size pins do you normally use?

and congrats on your first shot. Someone did mine for me the first three times. then i was all about it. havent stopped love the feeling i still get a rush.
Yeah easto the injections get so easy as time goes on, you will be wondering if you have serious problems because you are actually anticipating the next shot.
Easto said:
I actually want to do another one today. My other delt needs some love too.

Well............... you could always front-load the first week at 800 mg.......although for a first cycle I wouldn't recommend it.

Hahaha......now I've got you thinking.....don't I ??
If I had enough to front load, I would probably do it. I don't want to cut my cycle down from 10 weeks to 9 weeks.

Easto said:
I actually want to do another one today. My other delt needs some love too.

Spoken like a true addict, one injection and you're already wanting more. :):):)

It's just that the first one was so easy. I am/was paranoid of needles, so I was very impressed that I did it pretty quick. Mind you I did sit on the floor for a minute or two with the needle in my hand thinking, "How the fuck can I do this...". But there was NO pain at all. If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't even knows the needle penetrated my skin. My girlfriend wants to poke me in the other delt (right) on Thursday. I think I will let her just for shits and giggles.