G.N Pharm


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Got em from a good source, just checking if anyone has heard of them? sorry for the quality, camera phone, and its turanabol 10mg, 100 count. the G.N stands for generic pharmacuticals, to blurry to read the fine print lol


I know of generic supplements, not pharm :(
Sorry, those are new to me.


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G.N.PHARM 10cc Sustanon 250

:shoot2: I have a 10cc bottle of sustanon I wonder of its purity also, can't find anything on net about it. Only had 3, 1cc does in 10 days, it sure lumps and stays sore for 4=5 days, is there a way to test by taste or heat. This is my very first experience and so far i;m not crazy about it. Shots are not bad just next 4-5 days of sorenous. USMC
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